We are aerial filming specialists .
The organisation has 2 qualified pilots. Mark Berry and James Orrow

We have 3 certified UAV (Unmanned aerial Vehicle) and enough batteries and spares to keep filming all day.

Two Gimbals

movi MR (and an M10 conversion kit)

and a Phantom 3 with an built in gimbal and 4k camera

and a custom made brushless 2 axis gimbal

The maximum payload is 10kg, giving scope for many different camera types and accessories

Our Goals

We want to make UAVs a filming standard, enabling image capture in any environment as close to the action as possible.

We endeavour to work within existing camera teams with minimum disruption and provide high angles and powerful panaramas without long expensive setup times.

The team behind Helijib

Mark Berry

Mark Berry Founder and Camera Operator of Helijib.

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